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Wealth and Women

Guiding professional women to Money Confidence!


How We Serve Women with Money

Overwhelmed? Ignoring Your Money? Don't Know Where to Start?

Where's my Money?

Wondering where your money went? More month than money? When we are not organized we can lose track of our $$$$

Eliminate Debt

DEBT and purchasing on credit are roadblocks to your wealth building! Learning how to eliminate both are key to wealth building. Scroll down to the section 'Are you 100% certain you will have successful retirement?'


Saving money you earn is super important to help with emergencies & to make large purchases. This is key to building wealth. 


The W&W Community of women support & encourage each other and we provide tips, systems and programs to build wealth.

We do this through in-person and virtual events as well as our Wealth and Women Community.

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Build a Solid Foundation for Your Wealth Building

If you became incapacitated today would your chosen family member have legal financial power-of-attorney to continue to pay your bills, make decisions on your behalf and handle everything for you? Would they know your health wishes?

Foundational Planning is necessary to a successful lifetime of both building and protecting your wealth!

Time to get your foundation in place so you can build wealth and protect it & your family in the future.

Email Stacey [email protected] 

to schedule your personalized presentation.

Are You 100% Certain You Will Have a Successful Retirement?

If you aren't 100% certain we can help!

Having all of your debt paid off before you retire should be a goal! Using the retirement funds you saved over your lifetime to pay for a car or home, or credit card debt, isn't the dream. 

We have helped tens of thousands of individuals, families and businesses eliminate ALL of their debt (including their mortgage) in less than 9 years (on average)!!!

We would love to help you do the same!! Without those credit card, student or auto loan, or mortgage payments every month you can build your savings and retirement 10X faster!

Live webinars or zoom/in-person individual meetings provide FREE information on how this amazing program can work for you!

Email Stacey for more information!


Book Stacey Swanson

Interested in getting your finances and money thinking on track? Book Stacey to speak at your in-person or online event


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