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👵 Are you handling money like your grandma did❓

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020


Ladies, we've made so many strides in the last 70 years!! 🚺


We can purchase a car or home without a man, run for office ~shout out to Kamala!!~🙌, we can fight at the front lines, get justice if we're harassed, and take on ANYTHING!


So why, oh why, are so many women 'letting' someone else take care of their money??


Or not getting involved in the decisions married couples, families or businesses make around investing, purchasing a home, other major decisions❓


We should be doing what RBG fought for us to do and 👉 have a seat at the table where decisions are being made!! 👈 We belong there, correct?! 👩‍⚖️




—to be involved, ask questions, make decisions, and know where all the paperwork is!!


I have seen it many times as I work with women who are going through a divorce or were recently widowed. It reminds me of how women in the 1950s acted, or didn't act, around their money, their marital money, or money period!


Have you forgotten that women can do anything they want? Anything they set their minds to. But it is apparent most women need a man, to handle their money anyway.


And I'm not only talking to the women already on their own...I'm talking to ALL FEMALES ages 20-100!! If you are not yet married is your dad or uncle taking care of your money for you? (maybe he’s saying, ‘don't worry, you let me handle it honey’).


Maybe you are married and your husband or banker (or your dad/his dad) is taking care of it. And you tell yourself "I'm too busy with the kids to worry about that stuff".


Or you are in retirement, or close to it, and your family's Financial Advisor has been taking care of it for years. And you are just letting him. With no understanding of what he is investing YOUR money in?


Ladies—you are asking for trouble. Because at some point, the man taking care of your money will no longer be there.


They could die

You could get a divorce

Your advisor could retire

You could get remarried (an entirely other mess)


And then there you are, left with no knowledge of what investments, life insurance, 401ks, mutual funds you have. You don't know where the paperwork is, the passwords to login, no mortgage papers, no business contracts.


And now you're in a mess. A mess YOU KNEW, in the back of your head, would/could come someday, but you did nothing about it.


"But I don't know anything about money" you say? No one taught you how to budget, get out of debt, save for pandemics, build wealth?


This is probably true. Our mothers and grandmothers were not usually taking care of the money and, therefore, are incapable of teaching us. This area of female empowerment needs to catch up with the rest of the feminist movement!


As a professional woman you have loads of knowledge and experience, which you call upon daily to do your job, make decisions, run a household and a company. You know you are Smart. Wise. Capable. So, we can surmise that if you are taught the basics of money you could handle your money. Right?


Let's get caught up to 2020 ladies. If you are a smart professional woman who is earning well but when it comes to taking care of your earnings and making your money work for you, you don't know what to do, I can help!


As a Money Coach I guide you in money strategies for wealth building and teach you money basics so you are Money Confident when speaking about/handling YOUR $$$ with your spouse, banker, investment advisor, mortgage lender, etc.


Money Confidence affords you peace of mind knowing YOU are taking care of YOUR WEALTH and the knowledge to get to where you want to be.


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