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Do you have a plan to pay off your debt?

What is the most requested topic my clients and group members want to talk about? Want my help with? Want to get under control once and for all?


We know we shouldn't buy things with a credit card (clothes, electronics, groceries). We know we should have paid off those student loans years ago. We know we shouldn't keep consolidating our credit card balances into our mortgage refi.

So what do we do? Maybe you don't know where to even start.

I've been there. 

That's why I created the Debt Education week held inside my FB Group Wealth & Women Community (ladies only). We just covered an entire week of debt -what it is, how it is hurting you and a roadblock to wealth. We discussed mindset and how it effects our earning potential and our spending habits. We talked about getting that emotional spending under control and how to stop incurring more debt!

And the last 2 days are wrapped up in the presentation below. Click on the link to watch. Then reach out so I can get your individualized DEBT ELIMINATION PLAN rolling!

Watch Training Video


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