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Emotional Spending? You CAN break the cycle of Unhappy Money!

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2020

Are you spending without thinking?

Are you spending because of your emotions?

It's easy to be upset, someone hurt you or something didn't turn out like you thought, so what do you do? Eat, drink, spend? All of these reactions are used to buffer your feelings. You don't want to feel overwhelmed by money problems, so you go out and buy a pair of shoes. You might rationalize the purchase saying you deserve it or you needed them, but what you are really doing is trying to not feel your feelings by doing something to cover it up.

It's called buffering. We don't want to feel what we are feeling so we find a way to distract ourselves.

Unfortunately, the next day the feelings is there again. It didn't go away.

Maybe your childhood was not the best. Maybe you didn't receive the love and attention from your parents or family that you wished you would have. Maybe times were hard and you couldn't have what you wanted, there wasn't always enough food, or you have been through very low times.

Have you been through a money trial as an adult? Did you go through a divorce that left you with much less monthly income and back living with parents? Have you lost your spouse and are trying to make ends meet?

All of these instances can cause money wounds which will continue to plague you and future generations until they are healed. In Ken Honda's book Happy Money, he uncovers truths about healing money wounds, stating "You can break the cycle of Unhappy Money by forgiving others and, just as importantly, by forgiving yourself for the mistakes you've made.'

Are there things from you past that are affecting your money decisions?

Are you spending to make up for something? Get back at someone? Keep up appearances?

All emotional spending keeps you off-balance in your money plan and will not serve you in the long run.

Would you like to learn more about healing your Money Wounds and getting emotional spending under control? I offer guidance to do just that!

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