Fascia Blaster

Are you wanting to eliminate that flabby neck, jowls or fatty buildup around your eyebrows or jaw?

Ashley Black's line of Fascia Blasters are my ultimate favorites!! I own 4 and love them and use them daily! Click to read more!

BestSelf Planning and Goal Setting Tools

Love the Self Journal and other amazing tools BestSelfCo has to offer. Click here to learn more about these products I LOVE!

Ashley Black's Fasciablaster Tools and Products

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AMAZING RESULTS using the face fascia blaster tool! Not only does it get rid of fatty deposits stuck within your fascia on neck, forehead, jowls and chin, but it actually improves the skin's health and appearance!

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The Paddle Blaster and Original Fasciablaster work together to rid your legs of cellulite and fat.

Along with available Blaster Oil, removing the cellulite on your legs is an easy 1-2-3 step process. Blast in the shower or while watching TV, or after a workout for best results!

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Get rid of that belly and fatty overlay for good!

Even without exercise you can blast your stomach fat away and fit into those jeans and bikini once again!

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Fascia Blasting Tools also combat hair loss.

By rejuvenating the skin and hair follicles, hair growth appears! Stimulation of the follicles produces more hairs in each follicle, more follicles and more thickness of the hair. Fasciablaster tools increase temporary blood flow to the area which encourages hair growth!

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All The Tools You Need to get your fascia healthy, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and eliminate fat and bulges all over your body!

So many tools and accessories to get your body in shape! 

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BestSelfCo Products

The classic: the Self Journal

This is a product I've used and love. It starts you out with choosing a 13 week/quarterly goal or 3, then takes you step-by-step through the process of planning out how to achieve it! I've never had so much guidance and encouragement to write, plan and complete my goals! And IT WORKS!

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