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With over 30 years of banking, accounting, insurance and budgeting experience, you are in good hands.

This knowledge is built in to all our Money Confidence training programs so you don't have to search for answers, tools, or resources.


Do you avoid talking to the banker, investment advisor, insurance agent, car salesman, or mortgage lender?

Lack of money education and confidence keeps you stuck.

Letting others handle your money & make decisions for you is not a power move, ladies...cuz that someone else won't be around forever!

We educate you in these matters to build Money Confidence!


Debt is the #1 roadblock to wealth!

We provide proven systems to get your debt under control, create a plan to ELIMINATE it, and shift your thinking on acquiring more in the future.

Savings is the key to building wealth and provides security in unexpected times.

The 'Build Your Savings' plan will get you on track to purchase a home, fund your dream vacation and plan for the unexpected!


How you spend, earn, and save money comes from your thinking about money, which was formed in childhood and experiences in your past.

We offer meditations, affirmations, and coaching to shift your mindset and create lifelong wealth and abundance around money!

All The Tools You Need To Build Money Confidence

What is Money Confidence, you ask? It is the ability to handle your money with savvy and grace because you have the knowledge, skills, systems and courage to track, budget, save, eliminate debt, build wealth and work thoughtfully with financial professionals!

Who do we help?

Wealth and Women is dedicated in helping professional women reach their wealth building dreams!

We guide you to get organized and take a good look at your money: savings, debt, budget, your money mindset, and your money plan. We provide group coaching, trainings and live events to meet your needs where you are at and based on your goals.

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